Commercial Water Vending Machines

Safe drinking water has become a major issue around the world and regular reports of contamination have caused many people to buy bottled water.  An unintended consequence of this trend is an oversupply of plastic water bottles finding their way into streams, rivers and eventually out to sea where, out of sight, it wreaks havoc on marine life. 

Bottled water is here to stay but the way in which we utilise this resource can be changed. 

Now a new concept has hit the market, in which consumers can fill their own containers with plain, chilled or flavoured water from vending machines at a fraction of the cost – to both the consumers’ pockets and the environment. Arctica Pure Water is proud to be the first to introduce this concept to New Zealand. 

Click on our commercial water purification and filtration system products below to find out more about this concept and how it is a win-win product!

Our self-service, coin operated water vending machines are capable of volumes up to 6,000 litres or more per day, and enable commercial or not for profit entites to provide their clients with purified clean water into BYO containers, in a choice of chilled, ambient, and flavoured options. We have our units installed in New Zealand, Pakistan, Mexico and Fiji.

Contact us about the best water filters in New Zealand or if you need information about urban water filters or rural water filters - we can also help!

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