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Need pure water? Buy Water Filtration and Water Purification systems online

Arctica Pure Water have been manufacturing water filtration and purification systems, and trading online since 2007, delivering pure, clear and clean water to rural and residential properties in New Zealand and abroad. 

Our mission is to provide safe and great tasting water at an economical price.

Safe water has become a major issue around the world, even in New Zealand.  Many people have been forced to buy bottled water to protect their family's health, or endure polluted and bad tasting water from their supply. As most are now aware, e coli is now being found in increasing numbers in many of our previously clean water supplies.

We manufacture a range of urban and residential water filter and purification systems ranging from simple pre filtration units for elimination of chlorine and other chemicals in the kitchen, right through to full Ultra Violet water filtration systems for both mains water, plus rural supplies from tanks, bores, or streams, as well as for small community water programs. Our water treatment systems are in use throughout New Zealand. 

Our commercial water filtration systems are capable of volumes of 6,000 litres and more per day, and enable commercial or not for profit entites to provide their clients with purified clean water.

We have our units in New Zealand, Pakistan, Mexico, Fiji, Niue, Tuvalu, and Samoa

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